Thursday 20 October 2011

Never too busy for bead shopping...

Well it's all systems go here with show preparations although, I don't seem to have finished much head is full of ideas, I just need to bring them to fruition! I'm just about to start on a huge bronze clay session. The majority of exhibitors at my first show seem to work mainly in silver and precious metal so I decided to go for something completely different in the hopes of standing out a bit. Of course I'll be taking some bead work with me too. On a positive note, I've been lent some professional jewellery display equipment which is a really a big help and I'll be able to concentrate more on stock without that at the back of my mind.

It doesn't matter how busy things get though, it never seems to stop me finding time for little retail bead therapy. You have to just sit down with a cup of tea or coffee now and then and of course, that  means the laptop comes out - we girls do like to multi-task. Anyway, I know how you all like a bit of vicarious shopping so here are a few of my recent bead acquisitions...

A stunning lampwork set from Kaz Baildon in really rich tones and fun designs . This is a big set so I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet but watch this space...

I have a lot of quite elaborate beads in my stash and sometimes I get the need for something plain and simple as a foil. I love these jewel bright etched lampwork beads by Sue Doran and the colours are perfect for autumn.

How cute is this set by Josephine Wadman? It has more of a summery feel to it but it was on sale and a bargain so how's a girl to resist? These will probably go in the stash until next year.

And finally I've made some additions to my ceramic bead stash too...

These beauties were made by Caroline Dewison at Blueberri Beads and I've been coveting that moth focal for a while now. I've missed the last couple of Art Bead Scene monthly challenges and despite everything that's going on, I'm hoping to get something made for the current challenge using some of these beads. Sometimes a change is as good as a rest as they say...

Well I hope that's whetted your appetite a little...? That's me for today but I'll be back with a progress report soon.



  1. What gorgeous beads! All of them! Cannot wait to see what you make with them :)

  2. Love the treasures Lesley, they are deadolishous!

  3. ahhhh....bead porn....yummy!! :)


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