Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Eye of the Storm - Bead Table Wednesday

A few weeks ago my BTW picture and blog post were about my preparations and processes for one of my bronze clay sessions with everything neat and organised and ready to roll. This week I'm in the middle of one of these sessions preparing for a shop update and it's a very different picture...

As you can see complete chaos is the order of the day today! Because I make so many batches of components and there are so many stages to the process I gradually become surrounded by trays of clay in various stages of completion...The batch to the left is waiting to go in the kiln, The pieces on the tray are for pre-fire finishing and the ones that have spilt over onto my side table needed repairing.

I don't know why I work like this (other than my work room being a small place) as it's not conducive to clay work...far too much potential for accidents amidst all this clutter. It's usually at this point - when I realise I'm working in that tiny little 3 square inches of space at the front of the table that I stop and reorganise a bit. So now that I've done my repairs and finishing this batch can go in the kiln and I can have a sort out...after a cup of coffee of course.

So what's on your bead table...? Check out what everyone else is up to here...



  1. Mine is the same Lesley, I can tolerate it in my Metal Clay space but my beading space is almost more than I can stand. Need to clean up. Love your bronze work girl!!

  2. Once a wise boss of mine told me an empty desk was a sign of an empty mind. Sometimes the most beautiful things come out of chaos,like your lovely clay components.

    My bead table has several unfinished projects that I must tend to--hopefully today.

  3. I'm the same, when I can't stand my on squalour, I have to stop, tidy and start over - again, exacerbated by working in too-little space. But I must work way, way too slowly as I'm nowhere near as prolific as you - although torch-firing really slows clay work down. The work you've done looks gorgeous as always.

  4. Hi Lesley,
    Love, love, love the pices that you create! You know if you had more space you would just fill it up and you would still be left with 3 square inches in which to work LOL, cause that is just how it is with us creative people.
    In my 3 square inches of room on my table is my piece for Sally's One Crayon Color Challenge

  5. I don't like I will ever participate in BTW because I don't want Anyone to see my mess. I love the Bronze !!!! Looks like a fantastic batch!!!

  6. those are super cute - love those birdies and hearts, esp!


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