Thursday 12 July 2012

Blue Bead Special...

Yes it's those bracelets again...

Lots of you have been telling me how addictive these bracelets are and you can't stop making them and after catching up with some blog reading last night a thought occurred to me that might interest some of you.

My friend Patti is in the process of making 75 blue themed bracelets for a 'Global Genes Project' gala later this year, entirely at her own expense and time. How fantastic is that! I took part in the '7000 Bracelets for Hope' blog hop earlier this year but I'm not sure I could do what Patti is doing. It did make me think though, that I should be doing something now rather than wait for the next organised event to come around.

And then it hit me! wouldn't the quick, easy and inexpensive bracelets from my tutorial be perfect for this! So I dug out all my blue beads and this is a batch that I've made up in just a couple of hours this morning.

Because the recipients are unknown, I added a second loop to the closure for some of these to give some flexibility to the size.

I'll be making lots more of these and If you're one of those people who have become addicted to making this bracelet and would like to make one for this hugely worthwhile cause, just click here to find out more about the project and how to donate.

Oh and don't forget to let us see what you make of course!

Thank you.



  1. What a great idea Lesley and what a great group of blue bracelets. I tried the tutorial for the first time yesterday - I didn't have a large quantity of jump rings on hand until I visited the bead store. I love the technique and it can become addictive. Just a couple questions for you - what ply of linen or cord do you use and especially when you are using beads other than size 5 seed do you have trouble getting the cording thru the holes. Thanks.

    1. Hi Lesley, I would also like to know what kind and size of thread you used?? Thanks

    2. To be honest none of the cord I have has ply count - it's all been bought on mm thickness. Most of it has been bought as 1mm but some is clearly thicker than others depending on the manufacturers and I use the thicker cord with bigger holed beads. Some of the beads in these blue bracelets had very small holes but I found I could use waxed linen from White Clover Kiln (on Etsy) without much problem. I check the beads and cord before I start and if it won't go I change the beads but then my bead stash tends towards the larger holes as I use a lot of leather and cord but not much beading wire to thread.

      Hope that helps...

  2. I can see your stack of blue bracelets -- all of them---on my arm at the same time! They are lovely! I have made four of them so between other tasks! The design just looks so "finished" and has a "weave-affect...I love it! Thanks for the lovely comments! Take be getting more of your buttons, as they truly complete the awesome bracelet design!

  3. I love each and every one of these bracelets. I have to start learning more about beads and jewelry making. Are there any certain online sources that you buy from?

  4. Love the two bracelets that look like zig zags. To find info on how to make these, what is this method called? Not even sure what to start searching for.


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