Friday 31 August 2012

Shop Update and New Autumn Designs...

Well that's August done and dusted then and I did manage to stick pretty much to my plan to have a bit of a restful month. But tomorrow sees the arrival of September and it's already beginning to feel very autumnal here...not that summer ever really got going. This past week I have been beavering away making new component stock for Thea too including trying my hand at Vintaj/Ranger patinas to add a bit of colour to my range.

I've never been much good with a paint brush (as my skirting boards will attest) but I really enjoyed doing these - what do you think? Definitely leaning more towards the impressionist movement I think! You can actually get some beautiful patinas from reactions in the kiln when the bronze clay is firing but sadly, it's unpredictable and the sealants available in the UK tend to dull the colour a somewhat. I was pretty pleased with a batch I got this week though...

And of course there's also plenty of the lovely clean and shiny stuff...

I'll be listing this and more in the shop tomorrow (Saturday 1st September) at 8pm UK time so I hope you'll pop by and take a look.

Have a great weekend.



  1. Beautiful Lesley, I will be checking out the store tomorrow.

  2. OMG - your stuff just keeps getting better - I'm constantly amazed. Love the colors! I do think the kiln patina is my very favorite, though. Gorgeous.

  3. I've been wanting to try the Vintaj colors. It's on my list of things to get. I'm really moving it closer to the top now that I see up close just how it looks. Beautiful pieces all.

  4. Wow and double wow! You definitely have an eye for this!

  5. Lovely work, as usual. I know those inks are all the rage, but I still think the kiln patinas (not to mention the beautiful rich color of the bronze itself on the pieces I have of yours) are the most lovely.


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