Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Updates and Earrings...

I'm in full swing preparing for another shop update at the moment and am surrounded by bronze components in various stages of readiness. There's bronze in the kiln, in pickle, in patina baths, waiting to be sanded, painted or polished and of course, once that's done, it all needs to be photographed and listed! Oh how I dream of a purpose built studio with endless benches to lay everything out instead of having it balanced precariously on window sills or piled up on the day maybe.

This is some of what's coming up...

I did get a bit distracted from the job in hand yesterday when I was patinating a pair of charms. I knew I has a pair of beads by LeAnn Weih in an identical shade of verdigis that would match beautifully for earrings and since I couldn't shake the thought I had to stop and make some there and then. I have a bit of a thing about using linen and leather cord in earrings at the moment (thanks to Erin and Lorelei!) and plummy purples are some my favourite colours right now. Add a few splashes of antiqued brass and this is what you get...

I'm aiming for this coming Saturday for the shop update but will post previews and updates on Facebook as usual.

Hope everyone is having a productive week.



  1. Those earrings are just lovely! Purple and green are two colors simply meant for one another! I work in my unfinished basement. When I moved down there last year, I had two small tables - I now have 5 small tables, in a "U" shape. Each one is seems the more tables I acquire, the more mess I make! Your bronze pieces are looking FAB today!

  2. I agree with Patti, purple and green are perfect together. One of my favorite combinations. These earrings are lovely. About that purpose built studio. Well, mine is pretty much just that and there is never enough room. You just expand to fill the space. It's a rule of nature.

  3. Your new stuff is gorgeous! It looks like you have been very busy. I love the earrings you made. The colors are just perfect together.

  4. I love that pile of beautiful components! Those hearts are wonderful. Beautiful earrings too!

  5. Gorgeous bronze pieces and earrings! I can relate to the balancing of everything precariously, I often have a board sitting on a trashcan in my garage with ceramic pieces drying on it!

  6. beautiful pieces - as always! and the earrings are gorgeous - love those colors!

  7. Hi Lesley,
    Gorgeous pile of goodies. The earrings are so very pretty. Green, purple and brass a winning combination.

  8. Wonderful stuff Lesley, love those earrings and the photography!!!


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