Sunday, 21 October 2012

For the Love of Owls...

I love owls and so it seems, does a large portion of the jewellery making community.

Artisan Whimsy is giving us all the chance to show off our owl creations with a little competition called 'Show Us Your Hooters'. Now I'm not normally one for entering competitions but as owls have been figuring quite heavily in my work recently I thought why not. There are two categories - one for handmade components and one for handmade jewellery featuring owls - and I'm entering both!
In the jewellery section I'm entering this necklace which is actually already on it's way to it's new home but I was really pleased with the way it turned out so I think it deserves some exposure and I'm sure it's new owner won't mind.

The ceramic owl is by LeAnn Weih of Summers Studio and he's framed by a beaten copper domed disc that's been treated with Liver of Sulphur and Ranger patina to give the impression of a silvery moon. The necklace is a combination of Aquamarine, Ebony and Czech glass beads with coppered Greek ceramic accents. I love the contrast of the dark wood with the pale blue beads, it has an earthy richness but at the same time seems cool and calming.

My entry for the component section is somewhat fortuitous as I just happened to be playing around with some polymer clay to see if I could make my own molds and textures and decided to try some owls. A couple of them looked ok so I made them up in bronze and am actually rather pleased with how they came out - It's amazing how you can change the expression just by adjusting the eyes. This little fellow is made to order and available from my Etsy shop now.

Winners will be chosen by Artisan Whimsy members voting for their favourites between October 28th and October 30th so if you like my little Hoots I hope you'll pop over and show them some love here. If you're not a member yet you can join here too and of course, if you  have owls of your own you can enter them too - lets get ourselves a real parliament of whimsical owls!



  1. These owls are great! I love them! What a great idea to "show your hooters".

  2. Gorgeous necklace! That disc really does look like the moon!

  3. Wow! I love that bronze owl heart super cool! I'll be looking at these owl entires on the whimsy. Thanks for sharing yours. The necklace is nice as well!

  4. Totally love both, your bronze owl looks like butter wouldn't melt...!

  5. What a lovely necklace Lesley! love it! But that bronze comlonent is pure awesome! You are such an artist!!!

  6. Beautiful necklace and owl component. Good luck with the voting.

  7. I voted for both of your items! love them :)

  8. Voted for both of your lovely owls :-)


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