Tuesday 26 November 2013

The Best Laid Plans - and a Sale...

Well it's been a strange few weeks around here...

At the beginning of this month I'd just got my hands on a new kiln and lots of other toys and was all fired up with lots of creative plans for the run up to Christmas and then, as some of you know, I slipped down a few stairs, broke my ankle and all my plans went out of the window.

That was three weeks ago and after a week in hospital to have a plate inserted I came home thinking I would be able to get back to work pretty quickly...not so. I've never had an operation before and was totally unprepared for how wiped out I felt both physically and emotionally and it took me a good week to ten days just to be able to stay awake all day and start to feel human again. I'm feeling a whole lot better now but it's still difficult to work for any length of time when you're not really comfortable and lugging a heavy plaster around on crutches while muscles you didn't know you had ache is not comfortable, believe me.

My stitches come out tomorrow and hopefully I get a lighter plaster which should make things easier and I hope to be able to do a bit more but needless to say, my productivity has been pretty much nil this month. I'd like to thank everyone who has ordered from me during this period for their patience regarding delays in shipping and to those waiting for custom orders that I've yet to complete...I really do appreciate your kindness, understanding and support.

So whilst I can't make much at the moment I can take advantage of the the Thanksgiving holiday and the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend to say thank you to all my customers for another great year with a sale in both my Etsy shops.

From Friday 29th November through to Monday 2nd December you can get 20% discount on components from THEA Elements and jewellery from THEA Jewellery using coupon code THEA20 in both shops to bag yourself a bargain (minimum purchase £15).

Whilst I may not be able to get back into full production just yet this enforced sabbatical does give me time to think about and work on new design ideas for when I do so watch out - it could be a very exciting new year!

Finally may I wish all my stateside friends a very happy thanksgiving and a wonderful time with family and friends. Hope to see you over the weekend maybe.



  1. I'm so sorry about your broken ankle---somehow I missed that you were injured. Take care and rest---sending you best wishes and thinking of you. :)

  2. It's unbelievable, isn't it, that your body needs so much time to get well after such an operation... The things you write about sleeping a lot and not feeling human are very famiiar to me :-)
    And working indeed is almost imposible when you are not able to sit in a comfortable way.
    Take good care of yourself, and take your time to get well; the best way to do that is giving your ankle lots of rest. But I can imagine that is not as easy as I am writing that down :-D
    Best wishes !!

  3. I also missed your accident/injury. I've just started following your blog and am sending positive energies your way. I'm stateside and here we have a product you might find useful instead of those wicked crutches. Here's a link: http://iwalk-free.com/ My dogs' vet used one when he shattered his ankle and it allowed him to be quite mobile and much less tired. I used one for a couple weeks when I broke my foot. Loved it! Also, no pain in arms or awkwardness/danger going up and down stairs. Just an idea for you.
    Take care and rest as much as your body tells you to.

  4. Glad to hear you are on the mend .... hope it is a quick recovery!

  5. I'm glad to hear you feel much better!! And the good side of this enforced sabbatical is indeed you have time to come up with all kinds of new and wonderful designs. I can't wait to see what you come up with!.
    Wishing you all the best and a very quick recovery.


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