Saturday 11 January 2014

Back in the Swing, a Shop Update and A Giveaway Alert...!

Well the decorations and sparkle of the holiday season have gone and we're well into the new year which for large swathes of the UK has meant torrential rain, floods and long dark nights. Fortunately the weather hasn't caused me any real issues and this last week has been full of positivity and improvement.

On Wednesday I had a physio session for my ankle and whilst there is a lot of stiffness there I was given an 'excellent' assessment for strength which is great news as it gives me confidence to push myself that little bit more. I've been given flexibility and balance exercises and, weather permitting I'm getting out and walking as much as I can. I also got in the car for the first time just to drive to my local shops and that was fine. I still get some discomfort and that's likely to last for 12 months or more but I can feel the improvement day by day and I'm so very thankful to have regained my mobility and independence.

This has also been the first week where I've been able to get back in the studio and work on a fairly normal basis and that feels great. I've finished some bronze and ceramic pieces that were made before I was laid up and I've also managed to do a small run of ceramics from start to finish. I have a whole lot of ideas for spring sketched out and in my head and it's been great to get my hand back in before I start on those.

On the down side I now have to list all those pieces and I can safely say that's not something I've missed but, it has to be done so that you guys can see what I've been doing. It seems like forever since I last did a shop update so to put that right I will be having one tomorrow, Sunday 12th January at 7pm GMT and you'll find all the new goodies at THEA Elements.

The week was also rounded off rather nicely by my being featured in an interview with fellow designer Janine Lucas on her Esfera Jewellery blog. As well as the interview Janine is also running not one, but two giveaways... A set of my ceramic beads and a bronze pendant and one of Janine's own beautiful designs using one of my components.

They are both great prizes so don't miss out - you can find the details here.

So I'm hoping the coming weeks will be as good as this last one and maybe even the weather will's the new year treating you so far...?



  1. So very glad to hear things are looking up, Lesley. I enjoyed learning more about your journey as an artist, and OF COURSE I was eager to enter Janine's giveaway!

  2. Good to hear you're on the mend Lesley! What a fantastic interview over on Esfera - enjoyed that

  3. Hi Lesley, It's so good you are doing much better and are on the mend Lesley! And I love love love your ceramic bead sets. Now I'm into serious trouble with the bank manager....hooked on your bronze and copper componants already and now your ceramics as well ;-)
    Thank you for the wonderful interview and for contributing the gorgeous bead set!


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