Thursday 31 March 2016

AJE Eye Themed Design Challenge Reveal.

Today is reveal day for our monthly AJE design challenge and this month it's a theme based challenge hosted by Lindsay Starr. Lindsay chose eyes as her theme and you can find out more about the subject on her original post.

The past month has run away with me somewhat so I didn't manage to get around to making components for this challenge. Instead I picked out this lovely Milagro pendant of Jenny's and decided to work with that.

Milagro is the Spanish word for miracle and 'Eyes' are a popular subject for these folk charms symbolising the concept of watching. They are often attached to an image of a deceased person as a representation of the spirit of that person is watching over and defending others from spirits from the land of the dead, or pleading their case before the saints and the angels.

In my stash I also had one of these prettty angel charms by Green Girl Studios and I thought that combined with Jenny's pendant this would depict the 'watching' concept well. Both pieces carry legends and the words 'strength' and 'safe' seem very appropriate.

Green girl Studios

I bought the striped ethnic beads from Bead Fest last year and liked the way they picked up the colours from the Milagro and the patina of the charm when strung simply with tiny seed beads.

The necklace is finished with a simple hook clasp and an single accent bead above the charm.

I'm quite pleased with the way the necklace supports the traditional meaning of the Milagro and is very wearable.

Many thanks to Lindsay for hosting this challenge. You can see what the rest of the AJE team and our guests came up with this theme using the links below.

AJE Members 


  1. Great job with interpreting the theme! Your necklace is stunning.

  2. Hey! I love this! Thanks for making my little ceramic milagro look so cool. Those striped beads are yummy.

  3. Love those beads - they really do pick up the color from the ceramic piece well. Beautiful!

  4. Gorgeous design.. the stripey beads are perfect with Jenny's milagro!

  5. Lovely! The design is perfect for the challenge! Love it!

  6. Wonderful design. The colors in the beads are definitely a perfect match to bring out the details in the pendant. Lovely symbolism too.

  7. I love it Lesley -I've been obsessed with striped beads lately and I love how these perfectly tie into the colors of Jenny's component but still allow it to take focus. Just lovely.

  8. very lovely design your use of color brings the piece together nicely. Love the focal bead.

  9. The elements you brought together are perfect. I love this!

  10. I love your necklace Lesley, I love how the milagro is hanging from the beads, you are always so inventive! The charm looks great as well! Thanks for sharing your amazing work!

  11. Such a lovely piece Lesley the colours are perfect and I really like how you added the little angel with the added extra bead!


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