Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Bead Table wednesday - creation and aftermath

Posts have been a bit thin on the ground of late - there just seems so much to do at the moment but I really must rectify the situation as soon as.

As it's Wednesday that must mean bead tables so I'll start there...

This is the aftermath of the making of the necklace in the forefront. I always find its best to store your cleaning cloth in your coffee mug!

Actually this is not bad for me - there's usually a lot more gaps in the storage with the boxes upturned on the desk and far more tools spread about. And the reason is... I cleared the table up before I started the project instead of building another layer on top of what was already there! I'll have to try it more often - it seems to work.

This is the finished piece -  a beach themed necklace with an assortment of handmade lampwork beads by Julie Fountain and  Sally Carver, handmade ceramic urchin beads by Caroline Dewison, jasper, turquoise, Shiva shell, vintage bone, Czech glass and a bronze clay sea urchin pendant made by me. All held together with bronze and brass wire and rings. There really should have been more mess with all that lot!

take a look at what other people have on their tables today by clicking here.

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