Monday, 12 November 2012

UK Inspiration Chalenge Reveal

Today's the day that everyone who took up the challenge to create something inspired by the home towns and regions of the Artisan Whimsy UK blog team members reveal their designs and the team members have all joined in the challenge too.

There are so many things in my little county of Dorset that I could have used as inspiration but I pretty quickly decided on the stunning Jurassic coast that runs for ninety plus miles into the equally beautiful county of Devon. As well as it's stunning scenery this coastline is also famous for the proliferation of fossils.

I had in my head the idea of a fossil hunter - not the crusty, geeky stereotype you might imagine but more of a feisty, brainy beauty with a bit of the Lara Croft about her who has amazing adventures in her search for the ultimate fossil. I've no idea if such people exist in the world of fossils but I thought it would be fun to design a piece that brought together elements that my heroine could have collected during her adventures and put together bit by bit over time as a kind of memento. So this is my finished piece which I've called 'Fossil Hunter Talisman'

The necklace is made up of a pendant section with a cluster of 'finds' including: a ceramic fish by Karen Totten, a ceramic Ammonite charm by Diana Ptaszynki bronze shell charms by me, natural sea glass and pearls.

These are wired to a bronze ring (by me) which is suspended from brass chain. I've used mismatched sections of chain, jump rings and wire  to give an impression of something that develops over time with whatever is at hand. Another ceramic Ammonite by Diana Ptaszynki creates a focal point within the chain and on the opposite side are some of the tiniest shells I've ever come across...

I'm pretty pleased with this necklace because I like the way it looks now but you really could add elements to it over time - what do you think...

To see what the other participants created just click on the links below and don't forget - there is a prize for one participant in each region and I'll be revealing the winner of these gorgeous bronze components later on today...

Winner Update
It's been great looking at all the designs today and everyone has been so creative in their interpretations. I think all the Dorset inspired designs have captured the essence of the region or its links perfectly so thank you all very much. As promised, I have randomly picked one of the Dorset entries to win these bronze components and am now delighted to anounce that the winner is:

Cece Cormier The Beading Yogini

Congratulations Cece - I'll be in touch shortly.

Enjoy the hop...

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  1. Hi Lesley,
    I love your necklace, it represents your inspiration of the Jurassic Coast perfectly. I like the idea of it being a collectors necklace where favorite found objects can be added.

  2. That's beautiful Lesley, I love everything about it... a real treasure!

  3. That is absolutely gorgeous. It represents the coastline perfectly. And, it certainly does have a "feisty" feel to it. This has been such a fun challenge for me. I have really enjoyed it. Thank you and all the UK team for making it happen. Great job!

  4. I love the mix of all the metals, and all the different fossils are gorgeous! we've had some fantastic entries to our challenge.

  5. In my former life I was trained & worked as a geologist... that's a really fun piece.

    1. Ah - so my idea of a fossil hunter does exist then!

  6. This is absolutely stunning, Lesley! I love it! Would love to visit there bucket list keeps growing!

  7. Great design. My jaw dropped when I saw that first photo with the fossil. You did justice to your inspiration. I like the idea that you could add on to your necklace if you found another great component.

  8. Fantastic design! Makes me want to visit that Jurassic Coast!

  9. Love the fossils Lesley! How cool is this piece?! Agree with Therese it is very Jurassic Coast! What a great narrative for Laura to collect fossils! really like the mix of materials you have here - gorgeous necklace

  10. Love your design - and I want to be a Fossil Hunter when I grow up!

  11. What a fascinating photo! AND......I do love the idea behind that necklace. It's just gorgeous!

  12. I'm in love with this necklace! I've spent so many hours scrambling around the Dorset coastline collecting fossils (and a couple of injuries along the way!) so the inspiration behond this really speaks to me!


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