Thursday, 17 January 2013

Let's Catch Up...

Well January certainly isn't dragging it's heels is it...half way in already with barely a stop for breathe and I haven't managed more than a couple of posts. So what's been going on in my life then...

Well first up that goddess bracelet of mine has been grabbing attention again - this time in 'Making Jewellery' magazine. Designer Claire Wolfe adapted the tutorial to work with small holed beads by using beading needles and created a very pretty bracelet which you can see here behind one of my original design...

On the work front the it was straight back into production after the new year in preparation for my first component shop update of 2013. Along with some favourites and twists on existing designs, there were lots of new designs with flowers and butterflies to help bring spring that little bit closer. I always find it hard to get back into the swing after a long break so it's great to have that under my belt and get back into the swing of things again.

I'm planning some new organic designs soon using these gorgeous shell sections I bought after being inspired by a post written by my AJE colleague jenny Davies-Reazor - aren't they great? I can't wait to get working with them.

And finally I've also been busy working on the inventory for my first show in April - haven't got far yet but it's a slow process and there's plenty of time...famous last words!

I've no doubt January and the rest of the year will continue in this busy vein but hopefully I'll get back to blogging a little more often. So how has 2013 started off you then... does it look like it's going the way you want it to to..? I do hope so.

I'll be continuing my journey with Sally Russick's photo journal challenge on Saturday so hopefully I'll see you back here then.

Take care.


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  1. Congratulations on the press coverage!!! Your components are lovely and it looks like you've been very busy. I love the gorgeous shells. I'll bet they will inspire wonderful things.


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