Tuesday, 20 August 2013

And The Winners Are...

First of all, many thanks to everyone who took the time to enter for this challenge...Caroline and I were both delighted with the response and can't wait to see what the winners design with their THEA Elements and Blueberri Beads loot!

So I won't keep you waiting any longer...the 20 lucky winners are...

Gay Messander - http://gaysiemay.blogspot.co.uk/
Made By Jules - http://madebyjulesblog.blogspot.co.uk/
The Moon & Seven Stars - http://moonandsevenstars.blogspot.com
Heidi Post - http://expostfactojewelry.blogspot.co.uk/
Janet Bocciardi - http://www.honeyfromthebee.com/
Alice - http://alice-dreaming.blogspot.com
Dolores Raml - http://craftydscreations.wordpress.com/
Lucy Haslam - http://faerystone.blogspot.co.uk/
Pine Ridge treasures - Grateful Artist
Shirley Moore - http://beadsandbread.blogspot.com
Tracy Collins - http://travelsintimedesigns.blogspot.co.uk
Elizabeth Beads - http://elizabethbeads.blogspot.com
Mags - http://magsinhelmet.blogspot.com
Pepita - http://pepita-handmade.blogspot.co.uk/
Jo-Ann - http://itsabeadifulcreation.blogspot.com
Toltec Jewels - http://www.jewelschoolfriends.com
Judith Johnston – http://www.judith-johnston.com
Janine Lucas – http://www.esfera.me
Madeline Bunyan – http://madelinebunyan.com/mlj/
Chic and frog – http://www.chicandfrog.wordpress.com

Congratulations to you all...I will be sending out Paypal requests in the next day or so and once payment is received and confirmed your surprise beads package will be shipped. In the meantime please check that your blog link above is correct and don't forget to put October 2nd in your diaries.

Thanks again.



  1. I am so excited to see my name on the list! Thanks so much to both of you!

  2. Lesley - I am so excited to be a participant! My blog link needs to be corrected to this: http://www.gratefulartist.blogspot.com (The Pine Ridge Treasures URL is my old blog) Thanks!

  3. Looking forward to being part of the new challenge. My link is working fine!

  4. Wow, I'm very happy and excited to take part in this challenge :-D Thank you!!
    The blog-link works well.

  5. Wooohooo, "happydance"!!! I'm so excited, too!! Can't wait to receive the beads.

  6. OMG, I cannot believe it. Thank you thank you thank you. Have been running around like a crazy woman doing happy dances in the office. My co-workers thought I finally went mental..which of course i did, but only temporarily (i hope). Im so happy.

  7. Ooooh - how exciting - really didn't expect to get in........yeayyyyyyyy!!!!!

  8. Oh!! Gracias, Leslie! I'm honored and delighted. Magic is afoot!

    With appreciation & BIG joy, LOL! :)


  9. Congrats to everyone who got picked :)

  10. Congratulations, ladies - looking forward to seeing your beautiful creations :)

  11. Lesley,

    I received my Autumn bead mix & oh my, beautiful!! I love your work and Caroline's work. I held them all to my heart for a long, quiet time, softly petting my Chihuahua, taking in the energy of the art. So healing, and full of life.

    -- with great appreciation, Thank you both

    Toltec Jewels


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