Wednesday 30 March 2011

Bead Table Wednesday - 30 March 2011 - New toys to play with!

Yesterday was one of those great days when there is a resounding thud when the postman arrives but none of it is bills or junk mail - love it!

Amongst the goodies were a set of hand made Bisque clay stamps ordered from ChARiTyelise on Etsy a couple of weeks ago - and lovely they were too! Lots of lovely rustic patterns to mix and match and beautify my metal clay pieces with - whoop whoop! 

As you can tell, little things please me to a somewhat disproportionate degree and just like a 6 year old with a new toy I had to get started straight away, no planning - just clay, stamps and me. It took a little while to work out the amount of pressure required and the thickness of the clay but it was a great free-form creative session and the results are sitting on my bead table today. 

Not the best of pictures as it's been miserable today
Pendants, earring pairs and a couple of charms, dried overnight and all now waiting to be cleaned up, sanded and drilled before going into the kiln tonight. Can't wait to see how they turn out as there is always an element of the unknown with Bronze clay.

And, because I love my new stamps so much (as I said, I'm easily pleased) one of the items on display here will be up for grabs in my next blog - so keep your eyes peeled.

Happy BTW.

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