Wednesday 25 May 2011

Currently sitting on my bead table is...

Meet Fyren Stonegate. He is a Short Eared owl and he was made by the lovely Clare Scott. Now, not only does Clare make wonderful beads but she is a very talented wildlife photographer too so when it comes to owls, she knows her Short Eared from her Snowy's!

To make sure he has somewhere to sit and pontificate (that's how they get to be wise) I've made him a little branch to sit on moulded in bronze clay from a cast of a real twig. I think he looks quite at home - don't you?

He's a beautiful little fellow and his plumage is just as lovely on his back feathers.

Fyren has some cousins dotted about and you can see the family album on Flickr and it's well worth it as Clare's pictures are so much better than mine!

You can also see more of Clare's beautiful beads and photography at these links:
Photography by Clare Scott
Beads by Clare Scott
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If you like owls and cats you might want to take a look at this too: The owl and the pussycat.

To see what other people have on their bead tables today click here.


  1. Tried to leave a comment yesterday, problem with the Blogs.

    I was well impressed with the flowers at the top......And..Pink...Lovely...! :9
    And, then to transfer them into pendants. Well done you.

    These owl's are really good, not seen anything like this. (wonder if they come in Pink....)! :).
    Your Blog is really looking good now, love looking through it.....!

  2. Thanks Willie - Glad you're liking the blog. Pink that would be interesting!!

  3. I could do pink... =)

    He looks fab Lesley! I love the branch he`s sitting on!

    thanks so much again,

    Clare x

  4. Very cute owl, and I love how you made a sturdy little branch for him to sit on.

  5. I love Clare's beads, but Fyren is just GORGEOUS!!!!! Erika Price Jewellery


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