Sunday 8 May 2011

Top this for an ingenious idea...

In addition to my passion for jewellery in general and lampwork in particular, I'm also quite fond of collecting certain things. Let's face it what jewellery maker doesn't - it's all part of the fun. So I'm particularly giddy about a recent discovery I made that's going to allow me to feed all three passions at once.

 Lampwork artist Sabine Little of Little Castle Designs has developed a range of interchangeable jewellery called Alcazar which lets you mix and match your jewellery to suit the occasion, or indeed your mood.

The range comprises sterling silver ring and pendant bases with optional decorative sterling silver discs, which are attached to stunning handmade lampwork tops by means of a simple stainless steel screw fitting. How ingenious is that?

Ring Base
Ring bases, discs and tops
Pendant base, disc and top

And as for the tops, well what can I say...there are beautiful roses like the one at the top of this post (all mine!!!) and poppies, sweet little hearts and fun seaside themes. There are even funky tops for special occasions like Halloween and so much more...

A romantic liaison maybe...
Or a beach party...
Or just some summer fun

Sabine has also starting selling the fittings to her fellow lampwork artists which means we'll have even more lovely tops to choose from.

Julie Fountain of Lush Lampwork has launched a range of ring tops in her own fabulous styles to ring the changes (pardon the pun):

Invited to a garden party perhaps...
A day on the high seas...
Or maybe a  day at the races.

I've already added one of Julie's ring tops to my (small but with oh so much potential to grow) collection with this lovely soft moss green and cream design.

If you haven't already guessed, I'm a big fan of both the concept of interchangeable jewellery and it's interpretation and implementation by Sabine and Julie. I could fill this post with lots more gorgeous pictures but instead I would urge you to visit their websites and see for yourselves:

So now I have Sabine's gorgeous big blue rose for special occasion wear and Julie's fabulous fun little number for everyday how many events and outfits are there in between those two points? just let me think...

Have a fantastic week all :0)



  1. Wow! That's some eye candy!!! Love that blue rose, just gorgeous!

  2. I know both of these artists - you have chosen well Lesley. Not only is their work beautiful and beautifully unique, it's superbly crafted too xxx


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