Wednesday 28 December 2011

Revive and Renew...

Did you manage to survive the festivities then? As always after all the build up, Christmas seems to be over so quickly and we now find ourselves in this strange period of hiatus where we try to restore our energies for the New Year celebrations.

I actually had quite a productive time this year - I was lucky enough to get some new tools as presents so naturally I had to go off and check them out by making some jewellery. I'm on a bit of bracelet kick at the moment and put together a few variations on the theme I started before Christmas...

It's an annual habit of mine to use this time of year to get organised and clear the decks for the coming year. I'm not that fussed about the parties but I do like to start the New year with loose ends tied up and clutter cleared wherever possible. I get a bit of a rush from the prospect of the new and sometimes unknown on the horizon. This was never truer than this time last year and I've been having a good sort out of all the bits and pieces I've accumulated since then, when I stepped into the world of jewellery making and blogging and believe me, there's quite a lot of it...

So, I've batched up lots of bronze clay and enamel components I made this year and I'm going to be making up some 'grab bags' that will go into a destash sale in my Etsy shop. There's quite a lot of work involved with listing these so it will take me a few days but hopefully, they'll be up and ready for the new year and maybe will become part of a new project for someone else.

And of course, I'll be back soon to let you know as soon as they're available.



  1. Those bracelets are gorgeous! And it's the perfect time for a destash!

  2. O goody Lesley, I'm going to save some mad money so I can get a grab bag. I love your stuff!

  3. Lovely bracelets, and goodness what a stash.


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