Sunday 1 January 2012

Raring To Go...

Happy New Year!

We none of know what's ahead of us for 2012 but I was up with the lark this morning and I'm feeling ready to take on the world. 2011 was way,way better than 2010 for me and I'm hanging on to the belief that the only way is up for all I'm worth, especially where my jewellery is concerned!

I met so many talented people and discovered so many new things last year that I developed a bit of an insatiable appetite for trying new techniques and buying all manner of tools and gizmo's, which meant that by year end both my head and my house where somewhat cluttered.

So over the past couple of days I've had a major clear out of my workspace in an attempt to make it a more inspiring place to create. I moved in extra storage so that everything is easily accessible and removed unused clutter to temporarily clog up a spare room until I can get it in the loft. I've even sorted out the mountain of paperwork that was threatening to engulf me at any moment and put everything where it should be.
A place for everything and everything
in its place...but for how long?
Natural daylight, tools at hand and drawers of beady goodness...
looks like I missed the drawers on the left though
The bang and burn station with a
favourite print above it.
And that's why I'm feeling so chipper this morning - because I have order in my life! Ok...I have order in one room and the rest of the house needs to be restored to pre-festive normality but it's the most important room isn't it!?

My bead collection didn't escape the overhaul either and once again I find myself both delighted and slightly horrified at the quantity of beautiful beads I've managed to accumulate. But all the clutter in my head disappeared while I was organising so now I can't wait to get stuck into coming up with some new jewellery ideas.

I think I need to make space in my Etsy shop for some of these these new ideas too, so I'm having a little sale with up to 20% off selected items. The sale will last until January 18th and I think there are some great bargains so don't forget to take a look and pass the word on if you can. Oh, and the bronze grab bags I mentioned in my last post will be coming soon...the listings are just taking me a little time.

On sale now
I hope you all have a lovely relaxing New Years day and many great days ahead.


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  1. Lesley, Your workspace looks marvolous! I need to do a little declutering and organizing also.
    Cheers to all the great things to come in 2012!


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