Tuesday 17 January 2012

Bead Addiction...Fact or Fiction?

Beady people joke about it all the time, some people name blogs and businesses after it and I for one know it can seriously damage your wealth. So is it a true addiction or can you give it up?

This is my current stash of handmade beads bought over the last 18 months or so...It doesn't include any of the enamel or metal clay pieces I make myself and there are many more of them dotted around the place waiting to be put away or used in a project, not to mention the ones on order that haven't arrived yet! Since most of those sections have 2,3 or more sets or focals in each, I guess there must be not far short of 200 of them in total. There are beads here that I love so much I don't use them for fear I may have to part with them - What's that all about...!?

Needless to say, In addition to these I have slightly, but not much smaller stashes of manufactured beads in sterling silver, base metals, gemstone, Czech glass, wood and bone, pearls, shell, ceramic and the rest, and off course all the requisite findings and metalwork.

Czech glass, which I don't even use much
I know I'm not alone in this and some of you will have stashes far, far bigger than mine - my question is have you ever tried to stop buying and did you succeed? Obviously they're only beads and there are more important things in life which we would all put first if we had to, but that aside, why is it we (notice how I'm making you all co-conspirators here...) have to have them and we have to have them immediately?

I don't do new years resolutions but I did promise myself I would try to start using up some of my bead stash before I bought anymore this year and I think I've made three items with things I'd been hoarding. However, Jiminy Cricket on my shoulder - otherwise known as my Etsy purchase history, tells me that I've also bought 19, yes 19 new items! I think that's what's known as abject failure.

Boxes of gemstones and pearls - but just the little ones!
The crux of the matter is that like any addiction you've got to want to give up...and we all know I don't. Maybe I should but hell, I was never great at "I should" and besides. beads are good or me - they make me happy (denial - who me?). But if you do have any tried and tested methods or 12 step programmes for just maybe cutting down a wee bit I'd love to hear them. Then perhaps I can have another go at curbing my habit, just maybe not until after the Big Bead Show comes to town next  month...



  1. That is a great stash! (oh, wait, was that an enableing comment?)

    I am a rabit bead buyer. rabid. I only have an success at not shopping when i have to seriously save for a bead show, or when i get in trouble with the husband for charging too much.

    For me, it's lifes little pleasure to get a bubble envelope of joy at the end of a long day. In fact, i don't have any beads arriving right now, and i'm feeling kinda itchy LOL

  2. Hello, my name is Alice, and I'm addicted to beads. I don't make new years resolutions, but I did put myself on a bead diet until I use up the huge stash that is taking over the dining room. I will still purchase the findings I need to complete pieces, and beads I need to make the few custom orders that I get. So far I've been able to resist, but wow is it hard to do. Every blog I visit has something tempting. We'll see how long this lasts.....

    Good luck! I have a feeling we are not the only ones trying to resist buying more beads.

  3. Hello, my name is Stacey and I am a bead addict too ...... I make beads then do not want to part with what I make and I also buy beads from other artists and they also stay with me , so a lost cause I am afraid . If you enjoy it and can afford it then if it is doing no harm carry on what you like doing .

  4. Lesley,
    I say the true sign that you are an addict is when you start trading sex for beads! Humm wait maybe that's not such a bad thing! ;-) I love beads all shapes and sizes and my stash is beginning to really grow. The only thing that slows me down is not having the funds to buy the pretties.

  5. Yes, I am addicted!!! Have tried to stop until I use up what I have (would would take years and years, BTW) but the resolution doesn't last for long. I went for 1 month without buying any beads and about died! LOL!

  6. In reality, I guess we could be addicted to worse things!!! I also have a bad habit of just browsing the blogs I follow to get inspiration, and inspired I get, but I browse and browse and before I know it my 'me time' is gone!! I honestly would not give up the fun I have visiting everyone's blog and finding new ones. It is my connection to the outside world! So, I am a bead addict and a blogger-visiting addict!! Hope you have a great week! Your post brightened my day for sure!

  7. Too much fun Leslie. Love your stash. It's been a challenge being a bead addict and living full-time in a 5th wheel trailer! After the first two years I had to stay away from the Tucson Gem Show... what a shame.

  8. Yummy stash, Lesley! I am drooling over here... I have told myself now that I am not allowed to spend anything on beads unless I have made money by selling something in my shop. Makes me feel justified in splurges when I do sell something and then I don't feel guilty about spending money in my family's too tight already budget :) However... if I had the money to spend... this is a worthy addiction to have ;)

  9. Oh, dear!!
    The 1st photo had me drooling!!!
    Amazing stuff and great organization!!



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