Saturday 10 March 2012

Happy Birthday Goddess...!

It's party time... The Gossiping Goddess and THEA Jewellery are celebrating their first birthdays!

How did that happen...? It only seems like a few weeks since I wrote my first post and so much has happened since then and I've met so many wonderful people along the way - It must be true that time flies  when you're having fun.

I'm a little tied up getting new stock ready for an update to my second shop (who's have thunk it!) THEA too right now but don't worry, I won't let the occasion slip buy without a little celebration - what do you think...a little Goddess giveaway maybe...?

I'll find something lovely and come back and give you all the details soon. In the meantime I'd like to give a big shout out for all you lovely people who have joined me on my journey over this past year and I hope you'll stay with me for the next one - thank you one and all.

Have a great weekend everyone.



  1. Happy Happy Birthday! I'm looking forward to more happy years with you. Please eat a piece of cake for me...

  2. Happy birthdays :)Time goes by too fast at times, doesn't it?! Shouldn't we be giving you ( or your blog & shop ;) ) gifts rather then the other way around ;) lol

  3. Happy Birthday! Glad you are here!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday! I look forward to the next year of your blog and shops!

  5. Happy blogday birthday! Glad you're having fun doing this, because it sure is fun to read what you write!

  6. Lesley, Happy Birthday! It has been a wonderful experience getting to know you through cyber space. I will be hanging out with you for as long as you will have me!

  7. Happy Birthday, Lesley! Much success now and in the future!

  8. Happy birthday! I've come in a little late along the way, but hope I can stay for the next year! Congratulations on a wonderful year.


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