Sunday 4 March 2012

Silks, Souks and Sumptuous Prizes

Marsha Neal Silk Colour Palette Challenge

I'm sure you all know Marsha Neal for the gorgeous ceramic jewellery components she makes and you may know that she also sells the most glorious silks to go with her components. Well Marsha is currently hosting a 'Silk Colour Palette Challenge' and I am delighted and honoured to be one of the the first group of 12 to be taking part. So what does this involve...

Well, using the image above as inspiration the 12 of us chose up to 12 silks from Marsha's collection to create a unique 2mm silk ribbon knot bundle and this is my bundle...

The vibrant but slightly earthy palette reminded me of pictures I've seen of stalls in Moroccan markets selling herbs, spices, leather and textiles in a glorious array of colours so I named my bundle 'Souks of Marrakesh'. And guess what's now at the top of my must 'visit' list...

You can see the individual colours in more detail below:

This is a great way to get your creative juices flowing and Marsha will be hosting the second round of this challenge starting on May 3, 2012 (click for details) and anyone willing to come up with a new palette and post a link is invited to participate!

Now obviously we would like to help Marsha sell some of these special bundles and she's come up with some very tempting treats that might make you want to get involved with the fun and buy some silk...

1. You can help me and the other 11 designers reach milestones of silk knot bundles so that that we can get free stuff! And if you come up with a colour palette and get voted into the top 12 next round the same will go for you.

2. For every 1 palette that you purchase in these 12 finalist palettes during this 1st round (ends May 2 2012) you'll get 1 entry for the chance to win a $50 Marsha Neal Studio Clay Pieces Gift Certificate - how cool is that!

3. Marsha will host design challenges on her blog themed around the inspirations from these silk knot bundles and inspirational photographs for anyone purchasing these palettes, using them in their designs and then entering the design challenge posts. Winner's prizes will be determined as the events are scheduled.

There will be some blog post tutorials about how to use these in some basic ways to create jewelry so if you're not used to using textiles in your work don't worry - I'm quite new to it too.

Extra ways to win before midnight (EST) tonight (4 march 2012)
To help promote this event Marsha has added some extra ways for you to win goodies until midnight tonight.

1. Add the 'Silk Colour Palette Challenge' button to your blog sidebar or website - you can get this  here.

2. Tweet, Share on Facebook or any social media platform you take part in.

3. Leave a comment here on Marsha's blog detailing each action you take. Every comment you leave for each action gets you one entry into a draw for a free (10) 2mm silk knot bundle of your choice from the 12 finalist palettes.

4. Vote here for your favourite palette(s) (you can cast up to 10 votes) and then leave one comment once you have voted (one comment per person please) and you will be entered into the draw to win a 2mm silk knot bundle of your choice. The "12 palette finalist artist" with the top voted palette gets to select a 2mm silk knot bundle for themselves too.

5. For any of the silk knot bundles of the 12 finalist colour palettes you purchase from March 1 to 
March 4 you will get an entry to win an additional 2mm silk knot bundle of your colour choice AND a free pair of Marsha's new porcelain clay beads in your glaze colour choice (you pick round, chevron inspired, or shard inspired). Purchase must be made by Midnight EST on March 4, 2012.

Sounds pretty good to me but don't forget, these options are only available until midnight tonight (sorry I was late posting this) so don't miss the opportunity.

Oh, and if by any chance my silk bundle should turn out the favourite...then I will be hosting a little giveaway myself - I'm counting on you...

If you would like to find out more about this and the background to the challenge just visit Marsha's blog. The colour palette silk bundles can be purchased through Marsha's Website or Etsy shop.

Have fun and I hope to be visiting some of you for the next round!



  1. Hi Lesley,
    I have voted and purchased some of the beautiful silks. Good luck I love your palette.

  2. This is an awesome post Lesley!!! Thanks for helping spread the word about this event! Your palette is so wonderful!


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