Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Fashion or Favourites - what comes first...?

This weekend I managed to grab time to catch up on some much needed web browsing - one of my favourite stress antidotes and a chance to go through the bits and pieces I bookmark when I don't have time to relish them there and then. One thing that caught my eye was the Pantone colour forecast for this coming autumn.

Now, I'm not exactly what you'd call a fashion icon - I'm a 'know what I like and like what I know' kind of person...not very exciting but there you go. What's worse, if I'm at home working it's also quite likely to be frayed, stained or burnt, depending on what I'm doing! I do have a few of these forecast colours in my wardrobe but the brighter one's certainly only in little splashes and most likely summer clothes. I tend to be more adventurous with my accessories.

This got me thinking about the beads I buy to make my jewellery with. I've never in my life consciously bought a bead because it was a fashionable colour/shape/size although their availability may be influenced by this of course. So I wondered, did I have anything in my collection that was going to be on trend this season or, were all my designs going to look like museum pieces? 

I decided to put it to the test - a little nervously I might add, by matching my lampwork beads to see if any of them had anything like a 'fashion icon' prospect - and I was quite pleasantly surprised...


Emberglow and Honeysuckle - check

Phlox and Cedar - check

Deep Teal and Coffee Liqueur - check

Coffee Liqueur, Nougat and Orchid Hush - check

Nougat, Orchid Hush and Quarry - check

Bamboo and Quarry - check

So there you are, it seems that even if my wardrobe is sadly lacking in the cutting edge fashion stakes at least I can say some of my beads make the cut. Obviously, I'm ignoring the fact that this is just a small part of my collection and the rest...well, they are there because I love them whether they are the next big thing or not and that, is exactly how I will continue to choose my beads. And anyway, I like museums!

What about you - will you be setting any trends this season? I'd love to hear...


  1. mmmmM! Love the Emberglow and Honeysuckle.....!

    As a semi-retired superstar.....I am a trend setter...I always say...."I ain't gett'in old before my time.....".
    Love nice colourful things...Cloths...Jewelry, etc....!
    And, as it says in my Blog/Profile...'Love Food....Love Cats....Love Pink'.....! :0).

  2. I love how you did that! Great post!

  3. I really enjoyed this post, I try to look at trends and fashions and match my makes to some of them, I love looking at Vogue and net a porter.com for ideas.
    Deb x

  4. wow! you have a nice collection! I'm a fan!

  5. Hum! I don't think I have any of the new colors for next season. Oh well gives me an excuse to buy beads! ;-)
    By the way yours are gorgeous!

  6. Wow, You do have a great collection! Nothing wrong with looking as if they belong in a museum! That would be a compliment too.


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