Monday, 26 March 2012

Destash Jewellery Sale Underway...

The unseasonably warm and sunny weather we're having here has had me in the mood for a bit of a spring clean today and the number 1 target was my Etsy jewellery shop.

I have lots of new ideas and jewellery designs whirling round in my head that I want to get to work on but I need to make some space for them first so, I'm having a destash sale in my jewellery shop with 30% of selected items. There are some great bargains to be had and I've already marked everything down so no need for coupon codes. The sale will run until Sunday April 1st so feel free to pop along and have a virtual rummage :0)

Many thanks.



  1. Lesley,
    Ah man! I do not get paid until the 30th so I hope the piece I want is still there. Best wishes on your sale.

  2. Lesley, thanks for showing us how you do what you do! I really want to learn how to do it but I guess i'll stick with lampwork for now! You're pieces are great!


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