Friday, 31 May 2013

AJE Component of the month - May reveal

Well here we are on the cusp of a new month and it's time to see what the AJE team and its guest designers have done with this month's component - these gorgeous ruffle beads courtesy of Sue Kennedy of Sue Beads...aren't they pretty.

The bead I received was the egg yolk yellow and turquoise one at the bottom right of the picture. I don't work with yellow very much but the turquoise is such a lovely foil for it and this bead has such a sunny disposition I couldn't help but smile. This was obviously going to be a summer piece and after playing around with a few ideas I decided on a necklace - a very simple design because I think it lets the colours and the shapes sing.

I managed to find some lampwork pumpkin beads that were a perfect match and wired the beads together with bronze wire to create a yoke. I used some pretty little Magnesite rice beads strung on waxed linen to hang the yoke from and completed the necklace with a handmade bronze hook clasp

And that's it - nothing fussy or flashy but very eye catching I think...

While I was working on this the John Denver song 'Sunshine on my shoulders' kept running through my head so I took this as a sign and named the necklace after it.

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy
Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry
Sunshine on the water looks so lovely
Sunshine almost always makes me high

Turquoise pumpkin beads by Tillerman Beads, yellow and orange pumpkin beads by Pebble Dreams.

We haven't seen much sun here in the UK yet but appropriately we do have blue sky and sunshine this morning so maybe my necklace could be the harbinger of summer - you never know...

Many thanksto Sue for the beads and you can see what the other participants have done with their beads by clicking on the inks below and I hope you all have a happy and sunny weekend.
Guest designers

                                       Jo Tinley



  1. Love it - you are right - it is sunshine!!

  2. I love it Lesley, full of beautiful sunshine!!

  3. Fun to see what we both did with our same disc :) I'm a huge fan of pumpkin beads, so I definitely can appreciate this! Very fun & summery.

  4. This is so pretty. I love the simplicity of it to let the disc shine. And the beads you added are just the right pop of color to match and make the disc stand out.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog to see my creation.

  5. What great colors! I love how this came together!

  6. Hi Lesley,
    Im sure if there is something that will bring out the SUN over there it will be this colorful necklace :-)
    You better put it on asap !!

  7. So gorgeous! Those colors are perfect!

  8. I think it's perfect! I love the design...simplicity seems to be a common theme this month.

  9. Well it worked for me... we've had blazing sunshine all day! :)
    Love your design, yellow's not my first choice either, but this is gorgeous!

  10. Really lovely design and the colours are fantastic!

  11. Beautiful necklace! I really love those pumpkin beads ... they look great next to Sue's ruffle disc!

  12. Lesley, I love this piece! The peacefulness of the sky blue and the subtle energy of the sun makes me want to go right out in the rain and DO something!

  13. I love your necklace Lesley! Its not quite as bright/glaring as mine turned out to be and I think I prefer yours! lol!

  14. I love your necklace Lesley! It will definitely bring sunshine!

  15. I love it too! Your necklace is fantastic!!!!

  16. My first impression is that the pumpkin beads are a great shape/ texture. I really like the triad of color, it creates balance to me even though the palette is very complementary. You nailed it!


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