Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Nuts about Knots...

Those of you that have been following this blog for a while will know that I love to add new techniques to my jewellery making repertoire and that sometimes my addictive personality runs riot - heck that's how THEA too was conceived. If you've been following me on Facebook of late, you probably also know that my latest passion is Macrame - Macrame bracelets to be precise!

I know it's not new (far from it in fact) but for some reason it's something I've never really got around to trying even though it's been on my to do list forever. Then a couple of weeks ago I spotted this Tutorial for a macrame bracelet stack by Sherri Stokey who, if you don't already know, makes the most divine and intricate micro macrame jewellery you could imagine. I love bracelet stacks but again, I don't think I've ever made any so I decided to knuckle down and get cracking starting with some single bracelets...

This was my first attempt and I was pretty pleased - the tension wasn't perfect but nothing too obvious. One of the things I really like about this style of bracelet is that gorgeous buttons can be used up front and centre to create great focal points. This one is pewter from the wonderful Mamacita beadworks and I've teamed it with lampwork beads Pure Glass Beads.

Well, I had much fun making this one I went straight on to another one...

This time I used one of my own bronze buttons as the closure in a lovely summery concoction of classic turquoise and Ivory with gorgeous lampwork beads by one of my favourite glass artists Rachel Bishop of Puffafish. This one was much more even and by the time I'd finished it I was well and truly hooked.

There is something very relaxing and therapeutic about sitting threading beads and tying knots. I can't watch TV without having something to do with my hands (I only ever half watch anyway) and macrame is just ideal.

So, time to try some stacker sets then. One of my other design passions is colour and at this point I realised that this would give me endless opportunities to explore and play with colour palettes and of course, I got even more excited. 

When I started thinking about stacks I wasn't sure what beads I was going to use but they needed to be cost effective and fairly light...three of these with lampwork beads though lovely, would be both costly and pretty weighty. Then I opened the box of Greek ceramic discs I use as accents in a lot of my jewellery and voila! problem solved. These little pretties come in lots of gorgeous colours and I was amazed at what a perfect match many of them were with my cotton and hemp cords.

This was my first set...

I just love this colour scheme...the softness of the eau de nil and ivory tones are lifted by the saturated but slightly muted orange to produce a perfect summer palette. Again I used my own bronze buttons in three different styles to ring the changes.

Now, I don't know how many colour permutations there are in the first picture of this post but I'm pretty sure I'm going to find out, and I have more cord and beads on order! I can't stop making these and everywhere I go now I'm noticing trios of colour combinations.

Any interesting buttons will work well like these mother of pearl stars I just happened to have in my bead box.

Brights, bolds, earthy, pastel, naturals...oh the list is endless! So anyone who is expecting a gift from me in the near future, you know what you're getting - you just don't know what colour it will be.

I'm still making some individual bracelets as well and this next one has actually been worked around a Vintaj brass hoop. The beautiful lampwork tube focal is by Magdalena Ruiz.

And the last one for today was designed around this fab and funky button by Julie Fountain of Lush Lampwork. Julie makes gorgeous feature buttons as (as well as beads) and of course I have a few more designated to future macrame projects.

So I hope you enjoyed that little peek at what's been going on on my bead table, dining table and lap at of late and I'm sure I'll have lots more to show you soon.



  1. Super Cute! I love the last one! ( all are fab though)

  2. I really love the one over the vintaj bangle!! but they are all beautiful!!! i was hooked on making these macrame bracelets about 10 yrs are making me want to go searching to see if i have any supplies left!!

  3. Alegres y muy coloridas, Me gustan mucho todas las pulseras

  4. You are inspiring me! And, I just bought Joann Tinley's macrame must be fate! I absolutely ADORE every single bracelet on this post, but if you asked me which was my favorite (I did not ask but I will tell you!) would be the second bracelet with the phenominal baby blue/cream/brown beads from Puffafish (I just ordered some beads from her, thanks to you!) and the bracelet using the vintaj bangle - so very awesome! You certainly have an eye for colors, too! These are all just gorgeous, Lesley! Thanks for sharing this wonderful eye candy!!

  5. Really beautiful, I love all the colors you have used!

  6. These are awesome, Lesley! It's cool that you can feature some of your buttons, too.

  7. Fabulous colors and designs. And awesome photography. I'm enthralled by all of them, but if I had to choose a favorite, it would be the bracelet on the Vintaj hoop. Thanks for sharing the link to the tutorial. I've been thinking about macrame lately...time to get to the bead table!

  8. Loving all the colorful bracelets!

  9. Love these! Wonderful bright colors and perfect accents! Are you going to be adding more buttons to your store soon?

  10. Your bracelets are wonderful. I love them! Long before I started working in clay I used to make very intricate beaded necklaces. Sold most of them but I still have a couple of the simpler ones and everytime I wear one someone comments. You've inspired me to try making some again. Your designs are delightful!

  11. Hi Lesley,
    I am loving your new found or re-found passion for tying knots. They are so much fun to make and the possibilities are great. My favorite trio about is the darker jewel tone ones and also the one you did on wire with the one glass art bead.

  12. Definitely enjoyed. I particularly love the ones with lampwork beads but I love them all.

  13. Wow!! These are all lovely, you've been busy :-)

  14. Gorgeous Lesley! I especially love the earthy set using your buttons, a great colour set.

  15. I love what you've done with these!

  16. I love all your bracelets but if I had to choose it would be the trio with turquoise, tan, & tangerine beads and your beautiful buttons. I had to make something similar right away but all I had on hand was dark waxed linen and glass pony beads. I definitely need to get some beads and cord in "summer" colors.


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