Wednesday 24 August 2011

Beads soup mix has gone...and come back again!!!

What a difference a day makes...

The happy bouncing bunny of yesterday has found an alter ego and is now a frustrated, hopping mad bunny! And why? Because I've been tracking the Bead Soup pack I sent to my partner Julie and for the past 4 days it's been in the US postal system with the status 'awaiting delivery'. This morning however, the status had changed and the package had been delivered... to a sorting office in Northern Ireland!!!

I have absolutely no idea what this poor little package did to be ejected so cruelly...and neither do the Royal Mail until it has been 'processed' and sent packing on it's way back to me. Thankfully Julie is not stressed by this and I have just put together a second package to send off to her asap. 

Fingers crossed!



  1. Oh no! How frustrating! Hope it is sorted out soon and you can both get on with the creating.

  2. What is wrong with the postal system these days?
    Hopefully this next package will make it there okay. By the way I love that angry bunny, Lesley.

  3. Good question Therese -.check out my last post...


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