Friday 5 August 2011

Return of the Muse

After best part of a week feeling just 'blurgh!' I'm happy to say that over the last couple of days I've really felt a lot better and back to myself again - so much so that I've even made a few pieces of jewellery. A week is not really that long but it's amazing how it seems so when you return to a creative activity after a break.

To get myself into the swing of things I decided bit of organisation would be therapeutic so I set to on my stash of handmade beads and components. I didn't think to take a before picture but this is what they look like now...

I always start sorting by colour but invariably find other criteria to refine by so I have to be quite strict with myself or it would take over the whole day! Most of these are lampwork beads but there are also some ceramics, metal pieces, fibre art beads, polymer clay and my own metal clay beads.

So with that done the creative juices were flowing again and I was off so I thought I thought I'd share some of the results with you...

Hippie Chick - lampwork by Lori Lochner with coppered Greek ceramic beads &
adjustable leather cord
Black Magic Woman - lampwork by Outwest with integral copper ear wires
Fjord - lampwork by Caroline Rhodes with copper and a Lapis charm
Moondance - Dragons Vein Agate with sterling silver.

The beautiful stone bead in the last piece was named after the Van Morrison song because it just reminded me so much of a beautiful autumn sky. 

I'm also very excited this week to have signed up for my first 'Bead Soup Blog Party' over at Lori Anderson's blog Pretty Things. If you've not heard of bead soup, it's an event where jewellery makers are paired up, swap beads with their partners and create something using the goodies they receive. The aim is to stretch yourself by using beads you may not have thought to use and of course, to meet other people who could be on the other side of the world and who share a love of beads and jewellery. The event culminates in a blog hop of everyone who took part and by all accounts, it''s going to be one helluva party this time round! Entries for the party are now closed but If you'd like to know more take a look at Lori's blog.

Well I'm off to start selecting beads for my partner, whoever they may be... I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.



  1. Glad you are feeling better.
    You have been very productive. All your work is beautiful.
    I live the Hippy necklace best!

  2. I love what you've done Lesley, every single piece is wonderful!! I'm so excited you're joining the Bead Soup Blog Party this time. This will be my second and it looks like it's going to be HUGE this time!

  3. Glad to see that you are feeling much better


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