Wednesday 24 August 2011

Never a dull moment in Bead Soup Land...

Well now I'm just a confused bunny...

As per my last post,  according to the Royal Mail tracking system the package I sent to my Bead Soup partner Julie is still sitting in the sorting office in Northern Ireland having been returned from the USA. Which is more than a little strange since Julie has just taken delivery of it at her home in Minnesota!

I have no idea what's in Northern Ireland and whether it's coming my way but I think someone, somewhere has had a very bad day at the office. I'm just so relieved that Julie has got her beads and what's more important, she loves them.

So now we can both concentrate on the important task in hand - designing beautiful jewellery - Yay to that!



  1. That is just too funny Lesley, someone certainly is having a bad day! So glad everything turned out okay and you can relax and create with the delicious beads Julie sent to you.

  2. Yay to that is right!!! :o) So happy to have this awesome soup mix in my sweet little hands! It's just fantastic, Lesley! Every single bit of it. Thank you so much, you did a fabulous job. :o)

  3. Woah! Well if you both have beads, then that's a good thing!

  4. I did check back the following day and it said it had been delivered to the US...Doh! It will be the computers fault not doubt!


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