Friday 10 February 2012

7000 Bracelets for Hope - still time to sign up...

Just a quick reminder that the sign up deadline for the '7000 Bracelets for hope' campaign with the Global Genes Project is tomorrow, Saturday 11th February so there's still time if you'd like to be involved.

This great campaign gives us as artists and crafts people the chance to share our creativity with families who have a child suffering from a rare disease, just by making a simple themed bracelet and taking part in a fun blog hop. 75% of those affected by the 7000 identified rare diseases are children so I hope you will join me and take part. To find out more about the event and to sign up just visit one of the blogs below or hit the button on the sidebar of my blog:

Hope to see you at the hop.



  1. I'd love to participate! Sign me up!
    Karen Firnberg

    1. That's great Karen, if you haven't already you can sign up at:

  2. I just signed up for the hop too. I made the bracelet for one of my first posts. Glad to see it is still going strong. I received a nice email too saying they received it.

  3. Question... are the bracelets being made FOR kids, or to be auctioned off or sold to raise money...? I just really suck at sizing childrens bracelets >.<

  4. nm.. lol Just followed the second link and saw my answer right in the second line! lol They're given to the mothers and caregivers lol >.< that'll teach me to ask before checking fully ;)

  5. Lesley,
    This is a really great cause I'm loving being involved in it, so that being said, see you at the hop!


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