Monday, 20 February 2012

All fired up...

I've been really busy for the last couple of weeks developing some ideas I had a while ago with a plan in mind. I have to admit to having a bit of a compulsive personality over certain things and none more so than the beginning of any new major project, when I've been known to throw myself into things to the point of exhaustion because I forget to eat or drink enough! I haven't reached that point this time but I am feeling some aches of pains from spending rather to long on certain tasks without a break... will I ever learn.

The object of my obsession this time round is bronze clay which some of you will know I use in my own jewellery designs. Many hours have been spent turning frankly dull objects like these...

Greenware Bronzclay
Into beautiful objects of desire like these...

Fired Bronzclay head pins, clasps and connectors
There are a lot of pieces here as you can see and I'm working on still more but why? If you follow me on Facebook you may already have picked up on the reason but if not well, I'm in the process of setting up a new Etsy shop to sell components to other jewellery makers. This will just be metal clay to start with but eventually I hope to offer enamelled pieces as well. I love this creative aspect of jewellery making but there is a limit to how much I can use in my own work and I love the idea of seeing what other people will do with things I make - it's so satisfying to see how a piece can take on so many identities in the hands of different people. What would you do with this pendant for example...? I bet it would be completely different to a design of mine.

Fired and torch patinated pendant
With a little luck and some good weather for photography I'm hoping to open the shop very soon so keep your eyes peeled this week for further updates and once I'm up and running, I do hope you'll come by and visit and let me know what you think.

For now though it's back to work, still lots to do...



  1. Can't wait for it to open! Those pieces you have been making look fantastic. Very exciting!

  2. I'm in love with those headpins... so want >.< I can't wait to check out your new shop :)

  3. Looks Fantastic! Can't wait!

  4. Your bronze pieces are beautiful! Looking forward to the opening of your new shop! :)

  5. Lesley,
    Oh Boy a new shop with your amazing componants I can not wait for it to open!

  6. Those headpins have me drooling, Lesley! Can't wait to see what they look like finished!

  7. Yeh...I finally get to follow your blog!!!!! Iits so sweet to be able to blog while sitting on my sofa with my fur baby sitting next to me....had fun in your new shop...your components are beautiful...xoxo hugs.....


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