Thursday, 23 February 2012

THEA too - Open for business...

I am delighted to announce that my new Etsy shop THEA too is now open for business with a selection of bronze clay components that I hope the jewellery makers among you will enjoy working with. I was going to add an audio link of a fanfare to go with this post but I'm not really one to blow my own trumpet...sorry, bad pun!

I will be listing more items and designs over the next few days and at regular intervals after that. My eventual aim is to stock a range of staple components like clasps and connectors as well as one-offs or smaller ranges of design items. Please feel free to leave me your feedback either on the current stock or things you might like to see as this will help me greatly. I can't promise to act on every suggestion but all will be given due consideration. You can do this by e mailing me here or through the Etsy convo process, whichever you prefer.

A little taster...
When I get a moment I will be setting up a newsletter to let people know when new items are listed and will add a sign up process here on my blog. I am also planning to have some special little events in the near future so make sure you keep your eyes open for those!

In the mean time I do hope you will pop along and take a look at the shop and maybe spread the word for me...? Hope you like it :0)



  1. These are all too too gorgeous. I will be purchasing some for sure once my sales pick up a bit on my stall! I'm sure you will do very well with these, you don't need it but good luck :-)


    Due to an hourly cut at work I really shouldn't buy more stuff now but your selection is FABULOUS! and the pricing is really fair, too :) I didn't check the shipping and what not but... that might have been my undoing >.< I have to wait AT LEAST until the package of components I'm waiting on already arrives before giving in to temptation to order more >.<

    If you haven't already, I'm totally sharing this with the Bead Soup fb group :)

  3. Wishing you huge success with your new shop Lesley! I am sure you will be rushed off your feet, there are so many gorgeous items there .

  4. Very exciting Lesley, now you're the competition ;P. Good luck on your new venture!

  5. Lesley,
    I just checked out your new shop and I'm in love! So much so that I just made a purchase. You have totally turned me on to Bronze!

  6. What a great idea Lesley! Love your banner too :D I'm sure they'll sell really well.


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