Thursday 6 June 2013

Studio Conversion Day 4 - I Have a Wall!

Strange thing to get excited about I know but after 3 days of dust and rubble the garage door coming out and the wall going up reassures me that my plans are taking shape...

Not even an exciting wall but it's my wall!

 Yesterday I went shopping for floor covering and of course I had to choose something that requires specialist fitters of whom there are not apparently very many. My options for fitting were therefore Tuesday/Wednesday of next week or the 24th of the month, the former being a little tight and the latter creating a long delay for other aspects of the work. Cue panicky phone call to my builder but he is nothing if not a problem solver and instructed me to book the fitting for next week and he would do what it takes to be ready. I am beginning to understand why building work can take so long - it's not the actual construction but the logistical nightmare of getting the various elements and trades to dovetail smoothly.

Anyway the upshot is they will be working all over the weekend to get everything done. I've been told it will be a manic few days so all I can do is keep the beverages and biscuits flowing freely and maybe go out for bacon Butties. This load bearing wall between the garage and kitchen is coming down tomorrow and a steel is going in so If I attempt to make them myself there may be some added roughage! The window, timber floor and plaster boards will also go in tomorrow - sounds like a good days work to me!

The kitchen will be ripped out on Monday as well which means maybe a week without one which could prove interesting. Fortunately there is a pub 10 minutes walk from the house so at least I won't starve.

I'll keep you posted on the predicted mayhem but in the meantime - wish me luck!



  1. Oooooo nice! It looks like it's going to be nice and bright in there :)

  2. Looks fab Lesley, how exciting! I can just imagine the mess, bet it will be totally worth it, I'd kill for a studio that wasn't in my living room!!

  3. YAY Progress!!! That is awesome Lesley - we got held up by drainage issues and stupid concrete pouring now we are waiting on sheetrock for the garage my room isn't even started yet : ( so jealous!

  4. so exciting to see the progress! a wall instead of a garage door!! too exciting

  5. I am so excited. and more than a tad jealous! So awesome. Looking forward to more as it evolves!

  6. Progress is good, and a builder that will work with you in such a way is worth his weight in gold.

    But, what the heck is a bacon buttie?

    1. A buttie is British slang for a roll or a sandwich particularly where the filling is either bacon of chip (fries).

  7. I love seeing your makeover. We did that once to our whole 3-storey townhouse but fortunately were able to live elsewhere for 3 months of the construction. The kitchen wasn't installed when we moved in which was problematic. It was fun eating out for a while but then we all wanted home cooking! Can't wait to see your next installment!

  8. How exciting! I'd love a workroom all to myself :D

  9. Definitely great progress! I think the wall looks very exciting :-) I hope that you get everything done in time for the fitting!


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