Monday 3 June 2013

Studo Conversion Day 1 - We're Off...!!!

 Yes - the time has finally arrived and work started on Studio THEA today which is great as I was beginning to think I was dreaming it all! Nothing very interesting to show at this point though. This is how things looked when I woke up at the crack of dawn - Christmas has nothing on this you know...

 And this is how it looks at the end of the day...

Much the same but with some tools I hear you say. Well, yes but there has definitely been some activity - I know because my ears are still ringing from the pneumatic drilling that made the entire house shake. The cat has taken refuge in a padded cell in the wardrobe and I might just join her if there's any more of it to come! As a result of all that drilling we now have the footing for the new wall...

And a big bag of waste - not the last I'm sure.

I was quite surprised when the electrician turned up but is seems he has a busy week so we had to grab him while we could even if it was day one - no argument from me as there's nothing worse than coming to a halt because you're waiting on a specialist. Consequently there are also now lots of holes in the ceiling (more drilling!) and lots of cables waiting to be run behind plaster board and under floors.

So as you can see we are well and truly underway - the bricks are coming tomorrow and the window arrives on Thursday and then it will begin to look like something is happening. It won't start to look like a studio until well into next week but I will post regularly to show you what's going on. I'll also set up a dedicated blog page so that all the posts can be read together.

OK - I'm off to remove a film of dust from the kitchen so I can prepare an edible dinner!

Back soon.



  1. Oh dear, would you like a shot of my camper to go away until it's finished. That was my plan for 3 weeks in the holidays and leave the OH to it!! But then he says to me that he will start doing the foundations as soon as the building warrant comes through argh

  2. I did think he'd just brought his tools round from the first picture! ;) Looks like they've made a really good start... hoping the rest of the work runs as smoothly (but a bit more quietly!) for the rest of the project :)

  3. Get used to that film of dust. I call it the price of progress. :-) It always has to get worse before it gets better!

    I feel especially bad for the kitty, with her delicate hearing it must be quite awful.

    It will all be worth it when it's done, though.

  4. Well at least there shouldn't be any more jackhammers. Just lots of regular hammers... but that won't be until after the sawing starts ;) And there IS hope for less dust ... just tape up a plastic 'tent' on the inside of that door. Unless they'll be going through it a LOT, it should help considerably :) after that, it'll mostly be a sheen of dust on the floors around that door.

  5. I'm excited for you. Its going to be fun to watch this dream come true!

  6. So exciting! Can't wait to see this progress!

  7. Wooo! How completely exciting :-) Can't wait to see the finished Studio! The stuff of dreams....


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