Saturday 15 June 2013

Studio Conversion - Two Weeks In...

It's been a hive of activity since my last post on this subject. The windows went in last weekend and  everything moved inside the house and took over my life somewhat...

A beautiful sunny Monday saw a very full house with a team of plasterers putting in a long day to get the studio plastered before the fitters arrived to lay the flooring on Tuesday and Wednesday. Sadly the weather deteriorated rapidly thereafter into a grey, wet gloom and that, combined with damp plaster does not make for great photographs...

The flooring went down without hitch but as it's difficult to see here I've borrowed a photo from the manufacturers Amtico - I'm sure they won't mind a bit of free promotion...

The old kitchen also came out on Monday leaving me with this...what do you think - contemporary minimalist?

The fridge has gone as well now so my facilities consist of a tea making area on the kitchen window sill (the builders made sure of that one), a microwave on the dining room table and a cool box. Fortunately there is also a pub five minutes walk from my house so not so bad.

The rest of the week has seen the final fix on the electrics, architraves and skirting beginning to go in, new doors and radiators arriving on site and the start of the decorating. I felt so much better when this primer went up yesterday and brightened the whole room up - I really wasn't feeling the plaster pink!

My building team are once again working through the weekend and by the end of the day today the first coat of colour was on the wall and really brought the room to life. It's called 'Tadpole' but it's not like any tadpole I've ever seen. It's hard to reproduce the actual colour here but it's a kind of cross between lime and melon green - lovely and fresh and hopefully it will be a good colour for stimulating creativity.

I've also treated myself to some new kit this week with a new beading table, a high stool for the workbench and and a gorgeous cream leather ergonomic chair - the latter being a must have since I've spent a large part of this week almost immobilised with a back strain. I'm on the mend now though and hopefully this chair will help me stay that way.

The early part of next week will see decorating finished, doors hung and radiators plumbed in before the studio fittings and new kitchen arrive on Wednesday which means that this time next week (touch wood), it will all be finished and I will be in my new creative home. I'm so excited and I really can't wait!

I'll keep you posted and let you see the final result as soon as it's done because believe me, once I'm in there It may be some time before I come out again!



  1. I love the tadpole colour and do you know it would actually go nicely with a red carpet lol :D Can't wait to see it all finished, my building warrant goes in next week, lets hope it doesn't take too long x

  2. oh how exciting to see it all taking shape! and that fresh green on the walls ... is just yummy! I would love to walk into that room each morning! no kitchen? no dishes! ha! enjoy the domestic break :)

  3. I can't believe how quickly this is happening. And how beautifully, too. Good luck with the rest of the project!!

  4. I'm so jealous of your new studio in progress and I love the colour!

  5. Your studio is coming together nicely. It will be a beauty.

  6. I'm enjoying watching this whole project come together and I'm excited for you. The color really made a difference!


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